Zaiye Design is founded in Shanghai, consisted of a group of energetic design practitioners full of the curiosity of "people". They brought comprehensive Human-Centered Design method form Scandinavia and applied it in a variety of projects. They are passionate about innovation and breakthrough, and believe in that Human-Centered Design can bring beautiful experience to users and create real values for clients.

Cross-platform UX/UI

We have expertise in designing cross platforms, such as iOS, Android, Web, MAC, PC.  We are experienced in creating UX/UI from information architecture to visual guideline to launch successfully.

User Experience Innovation

We conduct user research and research analysis to find insights and link every key touchpoint in user journey to design delightful user experience.


We are proficient in capturing brand features and feeling and transfer them to the delicate design that users like.

  • Executive Director

  • 3D Motion Designer

  • UI Designer

  • UX Designer/ Researcher

  • UX/UI Designer

  • UI Designer

  • UI Designer/ Animator

  • UI Designer

  • UX Designer/ Researcher

Welcome to Zaiye Design, create value through design.

Room E1, Floor 2, Building 1, Fenghua Rd 688,  Shanghai, China