Premium Washing Experience

Fashion washing taste for high-end users

BEVERLY Washing Machine

BEVERLY is a high-end washing machine series of Midea Little Swan. As a product for high-end users, the new generation of BEVERLY replaces traditional physical button with color touching screen, which attracts consumers and brings digital washing experience.

Elegant Lifestyle

Design Principles

It is not possible to bring best user experience by using current interaction logic of tablet products. In our design process, we redefined each section according to real washing scenarios and improved experience and usability by following 4 design priinciples.

Show washing process with real texture

We showed 31 different washing process with real texture, which enabled users to choose the right process easily and directly. We made great efforts on adjusting colors, textures and angles to make them appear in perfect harmony.

Design for simple

We laid emphasis on readability when adding information on pictures. We sorted information by using different color and size on primary, secondary and operable information. We made the interface simple and easy to use by concerning each detail.

Lively and Direct

Waiting is always annoying while washing. We challenge to turn it into a positive feeling. We simulated water flow to make washing experience more lively. By directly showing remaining time and washing process, we enabled our users to control washing condition even in distance.

Define the interface with users

What are users expecting on washing machine screen? To answer the key question, we designed 2 interface prototypes with different visual style and animation and presented them on iPad. By observing the behaviour of users and interviewing their preference, we sorted their feedback, redefined the concept and improved the final design.