More Efficiency, More Fun


BIGBOX is a domestic smart  self-service car washing brand. In collaboration with BIGBOX, Zaiye has defined a new car wash journey to provide a better car wash experience.

Field research and model simulation

In order to better understand the complete experience process and user pain points of self-service car washing, Zaiye did a field research to observe and record user behavior in the journey. Meanwhile we interviewed users to know their feelings at each step.
In addition, we used model in studio to restore the scene of the car wash scene and the motion of the car. The models brings a global perspective to us and allows we to verify concepts and refine theminstantly.

Balance user workload

In the optimization design of the entire typical user journey, the core appeal is to allocate a large number of tasks that were originally focused on the user after driving into the car wash box to the entire user journey to better guide users to reduce anxiety, improve efficiency and create business income.

Service design highlights

We rethink the service process. From the beginning of the waiting in the queue to the departure, the user experience in each step has been improved. In total of 12 conceptual optimizations have been proposed. The improvements not only create user value, but also provide new business possiblity. Take two highlights as examples:

Turn boring waiting into game-like time-limited shopping

Allow users to make special discounts during the countdown to the car wash. You can shift user attention from waiting to a new shopping task, which users snap up special car-related special products. In the business, Bigbox can involve more stakeholders to bringing business benefits, meanwhile increasing the exposure of the service to public.

Guide precise parking and reduce frustration

Without assistance to complete the car wash, guidance for proper parking must be perfected. This is also one of the most trouble user mentioned. About 1/3 of the users need the guidance from assistant to park the car in the correct position. So, we have made design improvements in both software and hardware. For example, the guidance from the washing machine instead of human, the text and voice notification on the left, and the side and front protrusion on the ground which allow the user to guide forward with the washing brush and voice text, and feel the ground when driving in. All these design details increase the chances of driving correctly to right position.

Before and after

After Zaiye designing the car wash service and offering suggestions for hardware improvement, the Bigbox car wash service has been completely upgraded. The existing problem of inefficient and queueing has been optimized and solved. Moreover, the cost of the big box hardware production has been greatly reduced and create extra benefits.
In the return visit, the difficulties that users encountered in the original process can be solved by the app, which greatly improves the efficiency and experience.