Flowing interface

Smart washing machine app design


Minij is a washing machine providing professional washing programs for specific types of clothes such as undies, baby clothes, shirts and so on. It solved the hygiene concerns of the traditional washing process. The target users are the young generation who have the purchase willing and buying power for a better laundry solution. Zaiye improved the app design by streamlining the previous interaction process and highlighted the visual features such as youth, intelligence, fun and lifestyle.

Master important information pleasantly

We hope to initiate an idea for a clever combination of interactive logic and visual presentation, letting the users master important information with an enjoyable experience. Therefore, Zaiye introduced “water wave,” visualizing the working condition of Minij. When it was on standby, the water was still; when it was washing, the wave was flowing and the background color would change with the washing condition. The users could distinguish washing condition immediately and also enjoyed its mild dynamic effect.

Concise and abundant details

Due to the daily life scene, the app should be easier and more direct for interactive operation.The old one had a problem with distributing accurate information to transfer, so we rearranged the page.We redesigned the icon with a different washing patterns while presenting concise pages.Thanks to this, users could distinguish the working condition immediately, and the overall style got unity in detail.

Make data message more daily

In addition, we optimized the information visualization and enriched page switchings by micro dynamic effect. This also made the information presentation more interesting.