Redesign a design studio brand

Motion Mobility

In the redesign of the design brand MO2, the Zaiye Design analyzed the initial logo, incorporated new elements, and created a new VI system for client.

Find the core element of the Logo

We get the inspiration from the periodic table and quadratic, and combines them with the glyph of MO2. The body is dominated by rounded squares, which makes the Logo more affinity. In terms of color, green is used as the main color as before, and the other 7 colors are used as auxiliary colors.

Derivation of VI core elements

While considering the communication of brand characteristics, we also try to explore a more multi-dimensional visual presentation mode, refining the square quadratic as the main graphics of the brand, which can be applied to the existing and future digital products and services.

Dynamic animation of logo

The animation of the logo is also designed based on the quadratic effect. At the same time, the quadratic square can be combined with icon to apply to other future service and products under the brand.

Design more flexible universal auxiliary graphics

We extracted the square from the logo as the main element, and combined it with the logo to increase the richness.
For example, in the design of business cards, a concave-convex process is used in the square of the logo to make the square quadratic more prominent. The front of the color is mainly green, which makes the design more youthful.
For keynote template design, the cover also uses a combination of Logo and square. Meanwhile, use the periodic table layout to place pictures and squares. Also, Incorporate a square element into the text layout as the key information highlight method which to keep the whole style concise.