Design VIP luxury consuming experience

User relevant luxury info providing assistant


OPAL is a conceptual product designed for pushing customized luxury related information to high-end customers in China.
The app was designed by Zaiye at the request of a luxury media planning agent.

Connect online and offline platforms to reshape people who have fashion sense

High-end users always go to social events organised by the luxury brands to improve their personal branding. We will provide the high end user - targeted information to our app users, and offer an opportunity for them to buy selected hot products offline. Through this way, we believe that we can help our users have a better personal branding, and better fashion sense.

Define 0.007 percent of Chinese high-end users favored style

For tens of thousands of the richest families in China are willing and able to spend money in a different way. We will position our products as luxury, stylish, and an icon of aesthetics.

Shopping experience can be created by conversations

We focused on designing the framework of chatting interaction, which enabled OPAL to constantly improve the understandings of users’ taste, send related activities and products information and create a one-to-one honorable experience as a VIP.

Getting idea by speaking a few words

Aiming at users of Apple Watch, we designed a personal assistant function. Just say it to your watch if you would like to search for exclusive activities or limited goods.