Explore the interface and 3D product integration


Urban was an app concept design for the electric scooter of a startup, Mo2. During ideation, we hope the app could bring a delightful experience to the electric scooter users by enabling them to check and setup the device, and to simulate the refit process through the app.

Functions introduction

The users could monitor the device by checking the current status and battery usage information through the app. The app is not only designed for supporting Urban and the future product line, but to provide the scooter users a better trip and customized experience and to make the device upgrading management more convenient.

3D  rotation design & guide design

We used the 3D rendering model to enable the users to view their scooter from different angles. The 3D model was placed above the text, and part of the text was hidden to guide the users to slide the object to see the text and discover the rotatable model. The battery usage information was integrated with the 3D annular terrace to realize the experience of enjoying the scooter on a phone.