Meeting whiteboard system and web design

Inlight Vibe

Inlight has a vision to combining new technology and design to create products with a "future" feeling. Vibe is a software and hardware solution based on smart flat-screen TV from Inlight.
In this project, Zaiye design team is responsible for the user experience of the software system to make it stand out in the market. In addition, we also designed the Inlight portal to show the value of the product to public.

Designed for efficient remote work

The target users of Vibe products are small and medium-sized enterprises. Compared to the common large-scale conference room tablet system, Vibe allows users to draw and share ideas more easily in real time. We start from specific SME workflows and scenarios to  acchieve a vision of what Vibe will be.

Design challenges

When designing a service that enables team members to use no matter where they are, there are many details that must be considered. For example:

What kind of materials will they prepare before the discussion?
How do they quickly start a communication?
What tools will they need in the discussion?
How to adapt to the working software they use?

For these issues, we finally designed and proposed some concepts based on previous research and communication to improve the user meeting process and experience.

A system that perfectly responds to various work scenarios

Using the agile development with Inlight engineers, after many sprints, the tools and usage methods we designed for Vibe can finally enable users to cope with various working scenarios. Team members with different divisions of work in different industries can use Vibe to work together to handle different tasks.

From design to communicaiton

After completing the design of the product itself, we were also responsible for the design of the official website, which introduced the functions and advantages of Vibe from scenarios, to better communicate the value of the product to customers, and promote product sales.

Design around the product

We also created an unified and complete brand language for Vibe. The visual design elements of the interface have also been extended to the communication design of packaging, business cards, instructions, etc..