Record panorama driving moment

Design app for the 360° driving video editing system


Waylens Drive is equipped with a 360° panorama camera that creates far more data than the traditional car DVR. This brought a new challenge to designing the content browsing, editing, and sharing experience.

Light common function design improved efficiency

The Liveview function allowed the users to check the real-time videos shot by the camera. To make the operation on small screen easy and intuitive, we gave the biggest weight to the core functions of Liveview such as recording and labeling.  The ancillary functions such as taping, full screen switching and viewpoint switching were grouped and placed below the video, and the details of the view point switcher was nested in a floating layer.

Sharing right after editing

For the users who want to share the real-time stories, the core demand is not to edit the video in-depth, but to share the content rapidly. We make the app easier to use by allowing the user to share the video after three steps: importing, clipping, and sharing.

Customized AI viewpoints selecting experience

Multiple view angles generate a considerable amount of data, and how to quickly generate sharable video with the app is the challenge we faced in design. We came up with the AI viewpoint selection concept, which authorized the program to choose the best view and to autogenerate interesting content.
Lively Mode, The program recognizes the users' status by analyzing sounds in the car and switches between front-shooting and back-shooting automatically to leverage and record the happy moments.
Spectacular Mode, By reading the live GPS data of the user, the program automatically records the landscape outside as the primary view and the expression of users as secondary view.
Uneventful Mode, Often time the view in the trip is repeated, so we let the camera rotate the five viewpoints frequently to create a sense of rhythm in the uneventful videos.

One step viewfinder in the "Random" mode

In the "Random " mode, the program can automatically recognize the user's behavior to select the best viewpoint. Users could get all kinds of videos by simply pushing the button.